If you've been following DJ Khaled's progressive career over the years, then you're well aware of how hard he reps for his home city of Miami. Whether it's showing off his lavish crib in the gorgeous Florida city, shouting it out on a hot record or even giving back to the community, the Snapchat King has been wearing the city on his back for years. There is one person, however, who claims that Khaled's Miami narrative is false, as he helped Khaled get his start when he moved to Miami from New Orleans, and that would be Uncle Luke.

While recording a video of himself for social media, the 2 Live Crew member decided to speak on Khaled after reality television star Peter Thomas said the "I'm The One" hitmaker "runs Miami." Luke calls Khaled a "settler," being that he is originally from New Orleans and was not born and raised in Miami.

"DJ Khaled is another settler. He came from New Orleans. He went to Orlando... couldn't get on as a DJ in Orlando. [He] came down here to Miami, got on at Mix 96, the underground radio station. I heard him on the radio and then I brought him to light, to the mainstream on 99 Jamz on my mix show," he tells his viewers.

He also says that the Victory record producer "don't run shit down here," despite having been honored by Miami in the past with a key to the city.

"This guy don't run shit down here neither. He just scream Miami out. He need to be screaming out New Orleans. So when you want to scream out a DJ Khaled, really? You need to be screaming out Uncle L... but that's something you don't know nothing about, bruh. Because you a settler and you settled on Miami Beach," he continued.

While Khaled is originally from New Orleans, there's no question Khaled has gone hard for the city of Miami throughout his career and his free time. We'll have to see if the hitmaker responds to Luke's comments. This is far from the the first time Luke has stirred up controversy.

See what Uncle Luke has to say in the video below.

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