Quantasia Sharpton, the woman who publicly accused Usher of exposing her to herpes, now claims that she has a sex tape with the superstar singer.

She says that not only does she have a sex tape but she has footage placing him at her hotel as well. Sharpton told Youtube vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor that she filmed herself having sex with Usher and that he knew about it. She also said that her attorney, Lisa Bloom, is in the process of trying to subpoena surveillance video from the hotel where the alleged tryst took pace. A hotel staffer at The Days Inn reportedly said she saw Usher at the hotel as well during the night in question.

This latest news comes after Usher responded to a $20 million lawsuit filed by a Georgia accuser who claimed he gave her genital herpes in April. Usher filed documents stating the woman has no proof he infected her. “A previous sexual partner very well may have already infected her," documents also read. The star also notes that she could have been infected after any alleged encounter with him.

With this latest news, we'll see how everything plays out.


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