Unless you've been holed up indoors with the A/C cranked down to 60°, you've probably noticed that it's hot out there.

Hey, it's a Texas summer, and while we've experienced far worse July weather in the past (don't get me started on 2011), it's certainly feeling a lot more like summer than it did even a couple of weeks ago.

The shift has been so extreme that Central Texas is actually under an excessive heat warning from the National Weather Service until Sunday. Being the cynic I am, I expect it to last longer.

If there's a silver lining here (besides the heat shimmer coming off the pavement), it's that we get cool videos like the one Texas Parks and Wildlife shared to Facebook Thursday.

The footage comes from the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in Fredericksburg, where a TP&W employee measured the temperature of the natural landmark's shaded area and compared it to the sunny side.

You can see the ground temperature jump from 98.7°F to a whoppin' 132.7°F.

Someone in the comments section asked that pet owners be careful when walking their dogs, as their paw pads could very quickly and easily become burned in these conditions. We found that worth sharing too. If you'll be walking your pet, get them some booties or protective gel, or just walk them in grassy or shady areas.

Anyway, you can check out that video below. Have you measured any extreme temps at your place?

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