In 2016, Tonya Leshun Hall testified on behalf of Waka Flocka Flame's mother, Debra Antney, after she was sued following a shootout involving the rapper. Now, the woman has been sentenced to jail time after a judge determined she lied in court.

Claiming to have graduated with a degree in accounting from Emory University, Hall told a court that based on a review of Antney's finances, Antney had "no money" to pay the plaintiff, the Charlotte Observer reports. Antney, who owned businesses related to the rapper, was sued by the man who was shot by Waka's security guards.

Earlier this week, Hall admitted that she never graduated from Emory and was never licensed as a certified public accountant. According to a federal judge, Hall's lie misled the court and their ability to assess Antney's ability to pay the money.

The shootout happened in February 2011, while Waka Flocka was at a car stereo shop. According to the rapper, two vehicles pulled up for what he said was an attempted robbery and shots were fired. However, the district attorney's office dropped charges against the man when they couldn't find any evidence that supported Waka's claim.

In related Waka Flocka news, the rapper said his Flockaveli II album is still on the way and he's aiming for an early 2018 release. “This is the fourth time I’ve made Flockaveli II,” the rapper said in a statement. “I lost the original version when I lost my hard drives, and then I lost two more after that. With this version of the album I just did it."

The rapper added that the upcoming album will include better delivery and flow from him.

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