Welp, if you wanted to know what Waka Flocka thinks about president-elect Donald Trump, now you know.

Waka spotted a very bold fan wearing a Trump at his concert at the Georgia Theatre near the University of Georgia. After some coaxing and pretending as if he really rocks with Trump, Waka convinced the fan to hand him the jersey. The rapper then proceeded to drop his mic, pull down his pants and wipe his bare butt with it. After dramatically throwing the jersey to the ground, Waka proceeded to tell everyone in attendance to “never in your motherf---ing life” wear any Trump apparel to his shows.

Needless to say, folks pretty much got the message, including the confused dude who chose to wear the jersey. He even tweeted about how it probably wasn't the best idea to rock a Trump jersey to a Waka Flocka concert, and wondered if he'd end up hospitalized, though violence aimed at people with opposing views is something that mostly has happened at Trump rallies. 

At any rate, Waka's stance on Trump echoes a lot of hip-hop artists' assessments that they don't really mess with dude. Well, expect for Kanye West, who was properly reprimanded the other day by a frustrated and disappointed T.I. on Instagram for his ill-advised meeting with Trump.

With Trump's inauguration just days away, the search is on for him to find some more A-list celebrities to perform, after he somehow managed to snag Sam Moore. 2 Chainz said he's not about that Trump life and declined to perform, Jennifer Holliday called her mind back and bowed out of her planned performance, as well. We now know for sure that Waka Flocka won't be there either.

Watch Waka Flocka's comical Trump diss in the clip above.

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