We keep being told that inflation has gotten under control recently or at the very least leveled off, but my family keeps experiencing sticker shock every time we go grocery shopping in Texas. Additionally, just because prices aren't going up anymore, does not mean we should expect deflation to be the next phase.

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Probably the biggest reason we're consistently experiencing so much surprise with the price of food is because we are not always shopping for the same things. Sure, we all still have the staples we pick up regularly, and could easily win $500 with an exact bid for them on the Price is Right.

However, it is the more niche items like Mandarin oranges or mangoes, or another form of produce we do not normally purchase that leaves you thinking, "When did this become $10?" Sadly, it now feels like everything is at least $10, and you long for when prices were just $5 the same as your parents and grandparents recalling when it was just $1.

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Want To Save Big Money On Your Texas Grocery Bill?


Yes, the answer is plain old paper towels. The biggest hit to your grocery budget is not the actual cost of food, but how much of it you end up throwing away.

With the busy schedules of so many of us, many do not get the freedom to go to the grocery store more than once per week, and that leaves you vulnerable to an item you purchased 5 or 6 days ago going bad before you actually had a chance to eat it.

This is especially true for produce, so here's the hack:

"Line your produce drawers with new paper towels every time you pick up new fruits and vegetables."

According to this MSN article, the paper towels absorb excess moisture and your produce lasts longer. Longer lasting food equals less food costs, and that always equals saving BIG time on your grocery bill.

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