Facebook is always a baffling circus, but sometimes the spectacle is just so much that you want to loose the spikes and just let the entire tent collapse.

That was the case when a friend alerted me to this mess - a wanted man from Bell County apparently commenting on his own wanted poster on the Bell County Constable Pct 3's Facebook page.

Constables say D'Andre Antonio Green faces a charge of assault on a family member, previous conviction. On Monday, it appeared Green took an interest in the post, and it sparked a long thread of increasingly ridiculous comments.

In a way, this isn't really anything new. Facebook is a kind of Wild West, where any bats**t crazy person can sound off and get noticed. This is kind of like a guy in an Old West town seeing his wanted poster outside the saloon and taking it inside to laugh about it with friends over some drinks.

That's not to say I think this is a good thing, but it's Mark Zuckerberg's mad, mad, mad, mad world and we're all just watching it burn.

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