We told you August was gonna be lit!

We have passes to the "Dazed and Blazed Tour" in Dallas starring Wiz Khalifa and Rae Srummurd this Sunday August 26th!


By now you should know the routine!

There are 3 ways to win!

Download the free B106 app here and wait on the alert for instructions to get a free pair!

Also, check out Trey the Choklit Jok at 4:30 pm to win inside Trey's Trivia & BossLady Radio at 9 pm for the top 9 at 9 to win!

The "Dazed and Blazed Tour" in Dallas starring Wiz Khalifa and Rae Srummurd this Sunday, August 26th at the Dos Equis Pavillion in Dallas!

We in there!

But your tickets here at LiveNation.com 

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