6ix9ine isn't coming home yet, but after being handed a two-year prison sentence along with five years of supervised release, be required to complete 300 hours of community service and pay a $35,000 fine, the rapper's legal future has begun to solidify. What's unclear are the prospects for his musical career.

While 6ix9ine does reportedly have a $10 million record deal with 10k Projects and could be out of prison as soon as next November since he's been credited with 13 months of his 24-month sentence, there are plenty of valid questions about the next steps for regaining the star status he obtained before he went to prison. First off, with hip-hop's staunch no snitching mentality, who will be willing to collaborate with the rapper? 50 Cent, Meek Mill and Future are among the rappers who have publicly condemned 6ix9ine for his cooperation with authorities.

Besides the question of who would want to work with the rapper, there's also the matter of how he can go about rapping about the street-oriented things he did before he went away. After all, he did claim that his 6ix9ine persona was a largely gang-influenced creation rather than a product of his actual identity. In a genre where many pride themselves on maintaining authenticity, would he be able to continue rapping the way he did before? 50 Cent also thinks there is still an audience out there for Tekashi's music if he can make the right record.

These are questions XXL poses for a new video about the rapper's future musical prospects. See his future prospects get explored in the video below.

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