I get it. Sometimes we get lazy.

That's what kids are for.

Don't want to go to the kitchen while your favorite show is on TV? Ok, call little Johnny to get a glass of water for you. Don't feel like going to the corner store to get some milk? Get your teenage daughter who is over 16 to run that small errand for you..

Don't feel like walking your dog? There are dog walking services out there that will do the job for you.

But some dummy in Austin thought it was a good idea to have their dog walk alongside their car while on a leash.


WTTE reports that the driver was caught moments later.


If you're too lazy to actually walk your dog, don't have a dog.

Just look at that poor dog. It could have been hit by another car, wound up under the owner's car, or been dragged to the point of exhaustion because its human was too lazy and stupid not to do this.

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