What makes a better story than love mixed in with some Whataburger?

The answer is nothing.

A Lubbock, Texas Whataburger threw the ultimate 62nd wedding anniversary party for a couple who love Whataburger almost as much as they love each other.

Billie Joe and Danny Morman have been visiting their local Whataburger twice a day, every day for years. Their order is always the same - chicken strips and a Whataburger with extra veggies. When asked about what he loves about Whataburger, Danny says that it isn't about the food.

“This is the ultimate treatment you get as a customer but I like to call it friendship.”

The staff at the Whataburger went all out with balloons, a table cloth, and even a Whataburger themed cake. When asked what makes them love the Morman's so much, their answer was simple.

“It makes me so happy that i get to come here and see their happy little faces. We built those relationships to get to know them, and they come and talk to us and they don’t just talk to us, they talk to everybody. So it’s nice.”

Check out the story from KXAN below!

If your favorite restaurant here in Central Texas were to throw you an anniversary party, where would it be?

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