Those of you who have already made plans with that tax refund your receiving may want to watch the political fight between the President and the Democrats.

While the Presidents and Democrats argue about whether a wall should be built so Illegal Immigrants can't get into the United States your IRS Tax Refund may be affected!

It's been 12 days since President Trump shut the government down because he and Democratic leaders can't come to an agreement on U.S. Border protection.

I was thinking to myself:

"Well  this doesn't have anything to do with me hopefully they come to an agreement soon" 

Sequestration Forces Closure Of IRS For The Day
Getty Images

While Texas isn't one of the states most affected by the government shutdown, I had stop and pay attention, this thing will affect us sooner or later!

One of the agencies that are lacking funding and affected by the shutdown is the IRS.

Should this shutdown continue into tax season chances are your tax refund may be delayed!

No matter what side you are on Democrat or Republican the fact that Americans have to suffer from political difference is CRAZY!

Stay Tuned folks this could get worse! 

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