A Fort Worth woman claims a Texas State Trooper ripped out her nipple ring! Do you think he should be fired?

Credit: NBCDFW.com

Michael Tice, a Texas State Trooper, is being investigated after two Fort Worth women claim he ripped their nipple rings out with pliers, according to NBCDFW.com. They were headed back to Fort Worth after attending a concert in Houston, when Tice pulled them over for speeding in Marlin. After finding a single pill in the vehicle, Tice arrested them and two male passengers for drug possession. They were booked into the Falls County Jail, where the women said the trooper asked them to remove any piercings. Palacios had trouble removing her nipple ring, so Tice got pliers from his car to try to remove the ring. Palacios said, "He's like, 'I think it unscrews from the left side.' So then, without gloves or anything – and I could see dirt under his nails, it was extremely disgusting – he gets on there and he tries to twist it and he starts shaking from trying so hard and he ends up pulling it and ripping it and it starts bleeding." Tice has been placed on administrative leave after Courtney Palacios and Tayler Myers made the allegations.

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