This has gotten out of hand!

First the infamous Blue Bell licker, then the dummy who copied her in Louisiana, then the gross woman who picked her nose and stuck it in ice cream.

A Pennsylvania woman said oh that's nothing.... here, hold my beer.

Authorities are looking for a woman who is accused of urinating in potatoes at a Walmart.

NBC Washington reports that Walmart employees caught the woman urinating in potatoes and that they immediately disposed of the potatoes and sanitized the area where the incident occurred.

According to the West Mifflin Police Department's website, this case is related to an ongoing case that the department couldn't comment on at the time.

I hope this trend of damaging food at grocery stores STOPS!


UPDATE: KWTX reports The woman has since turned herself into authorities, 20-year-old Grace Brown was charged with criminal mischief, public lewdness, and public drunkenness. (Ohh she was drunk!)


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