New research shows that Texas has four of the top 40 deadliest intersections in the country, and one of those is right here in Central Texas.

Deadly Texas Roads

It's well documented that Texas roadways are dangerous. 2021 was the deadliest year for traffic fatalities in 41 years here in our state, with more that 4,480 deaths reported.

Somebody has died as a result of a traffic accident here in Texas every day for almost 22 years straight. The last time the State of Texas had a day without a traffic fatality was on November 7, 2000. It's a sad stat and an even sadder reality.

Intersections are Dangerous

The Fang Law Firm reports that 25% of traffic fatalities occur at intersections, and as it turns out there are some intersections that are deadlier than others. Four of the top 40 deadliest intersections are here in Texas.

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The report looked at the 159,394 fatal crashes at intersections that occurred from 2000 to 2019 and found that it was very rare that multiple deadly crashes would happen at any single intersection. As rare as it is, some intersections did report multiple crashes that resulted in fatalities.

Deadliest Intersections in America

The study showed that the deadliest intersection in the U.S. was in Mercer County, (Trenton) New Jersey and Union County, New Jersey, both of which saw 9 fatal crashes in the 20 year time period. An intersection in Ocean County, New Jersey placed third on the list with 8 deadly crashed over that time period, giving New Jersey the top 3 deadliest intersections in the country. Intersections in Florida finished 4th and 5th on the list.

Deadly Texas Intersections

Texas also made the list with 4 intersections making the top 40 deadliest. It starts with with an intersection in Mansfield, Texas at US-287 and Highway 360, placing 6th on the list with 7 fatal crashes over the 20 year period.

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Google Maps

Odessa, Texas is home to the 14th deadliest intersection in America at FM 866 and SR-32, also with 7 deadly crashes.

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Google Maps

FM 1776 and US-285 in Pecos, County was 3rd deadliest in Texas and 29th nationally with 6 fatalities.

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Google Maps

FM 2311 and SR-31 in McLennan County placed at 4th in Texas and 34th nationally, also with 6 traffic fatalities from 2000 to 2019.

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Traffic Safety Tips

How can we prevent all these deaths on our Texas roadways and at intersections? Follow the basic traffic safety tips you should have learned when you got your driver's license.

1. Slow Down
2. Scan your surroundings and enter the intersection carefully
3. Stop for pedestrians and keep a safe distance from other vehicles
4. Follow the law
5. Stay off your phone and other distractions

#endthestreak Texas.

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