Ladies remember when you had a flip phone and used to get mad at your boyfriend?  You would flip your phone up real fast and loud and hard as if he, on the other end, heard anything or saw your aggression? Lol..

Well, let’s go back to those days!

Apparently, Frontier Communications will pay someone $1000 to downgrade to a flip phone for an entire week if they write about their experience would you do it?

Me? no!

I’ve been spoiled, I can’t live without my smartphone.

Think about it..

A flip phone would take hours to browse Facebook and it would look funny trying to like a picture on Instagram using a flip phone.

Especially if I can’t touch the image with my screen?

And speaking of images, flip phones don't have those crisp HD pictures smart phones take....nah dog.... I'm good..

If you want to try to win that $1000 for that weird late 90s early 2000s experience, go here.


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