Christ Bearer was the subject of one of the strangest hip-hop-related headlines of the 2010s when he cut off his penis during a suicide attempt in 2014. Now in a much better space than he was half a decade ago, the former Wu-Tang Clan affiliate recently got married.

Born Andre Johnson, the 46-year-old wedded his girlfriend Cheryl on Dec. 30, he recently told TMZ. The two were joined in matrimony in what was said to be a "super small ceremony." Andre and Cheryl have known each other for a while but started dating six months ago. They plan on having a bigger ceremony at a later date.

As previously reported, Bearer infamously sliced off his penis and jumped from a two-story building during a mental breakdown back in 2014. He was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, Calif. where he was initially listed in critical condition. He later revealed custody issues with his children and the stress of another child on the way were some of the things that lead to his breakdown.

"Yes, I was using drugs that night, but I was in complete control," Bearer said in an interview that year. "I cut it off because that was the root of all my problems. My solution to the problem was the realization that sex is for mortals, and I am a god...Those kinds of activities got me into trouble, and I came here to be a god."

It was first reported that doctors were able to reattach his manhood. He now says that was not the case. After the incident, he tried to find work in the porn industry and also attempted stand-up comedy. He is currently working on a new album.

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