YFN Lucci isn't letting a trip to the hospital get in the way of his hustle or good spirits, posting a series of videos to Instagram throughout the week speaking to fans and previewing new music.

In one of the clips, he tells everyone not to worry about the leg injury that's got him laid up, saying, "Y’all, please stop worrying my fuckin' managers, my booking agent, my brothers. Damn, just chill out, baby. August right now, what it is the 22nd? September 1st nigga, I’ll be at the first fuckin' show. The second I'll be there and all the rest of them. I give no fuck about no broke ankle. Come pick up that motherfuckin' paper."

In a separate video, he plays an unreleased track potentially called "Nightmares" rapping along from his hospital bed. "Momma said don’t have fear, you know some wounds don’t heal / Most niggas aint real, niggas shoot and they tell / Niggas shoot and they tell, can’t even make bail / Niggas all on my coattails, we aint takin no more L’s," one verse begins.

"SOMETIMES LIFE AINT FAIR BUT U GOTTA SMILE AND MAKE THE BEST OUT OF IT," he captioned the video and it seems the rapper is taking his own advice. The Atlanta rhymer is scheduled to perform in Tallahassee on Saturday (Aug. 27), a date he will likely miss, and then in Birmingham on Sept. 1, which he all but guaranteed he'll be at. He then has four consecutive show dates.

Peep Lucci's video messages up top and below with a speedy recovery hopefully ahead of him.

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