Ever looked in the mirror, seen those love handles, and said to yourself, "This has got to go"? Do you follow it up with the popular excuse, "I don't have time"?

Just so you know, I feel you!

But I think I may have a solution for you.

Meet Kara Mills.

Who is Kara Mills?

Kara moved to Killeen 7 years ago to be with her sister, who had just retired from the US. Army.

Mills is married with three kids, attended Medical Training College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has been into massage therapy for the past 13 years.

Love Of The Human Anatomy

She told me she has always wanted to massage because she loves how God created the human body. She has love for and appreciates the intrigue of the human anatomy. She didn't want to study to become a doctor because of her fear of blood. She joked, ”I’m scared of poo and blood and vomit”.

Starting Her Massage Therapist Journey

Kara took an apprenticeship at a local massage parlor in Louisiana.

Once she graduated, she worked part-time at other places to build her own clientele.

Challenges Of Being A Black Woman In Licensed Massage Therapist Industry In Central Texas

Mills said when she started out, there weren't a lot of black women in her field.

She explained that she wanted to work at the best spas in Central Texas to build her skills, but she had to overcome a few hurdles.

At one massage spa in Belton at which she worked, she was told by the owner's daughter that he's "very racist" and to "hide" and not to be "in the area" when he comes around. She was constantly harassed by racist co-workers, but Kara stayed resilient because she knew she was opening her own space.

In one place where she worked, they wouldn’t allow her to wear natural hair.

Mills stressed that certain spas want a certain look that she didn't necessarily fit.

So she started her own!

Exhale Massage Therapy

She has had her own business for four years now, and it's going great.

At Exhale Massage Therapy they specialize in "Pain Management".

She uses different modalities, which according to Mills works according to your body's particular needs.

She offers different types of massages such as:

Therapeutic/ deep tissue, Swedish / hot stones/cupping.

She also focuses on medical wellness and offers lymphatic massages too.

Lymphatic massages clean out your lymphatic system by pushing out toxins from the body.

New Services Offered at Exhale Massage Therapy In Copperas Cove

Kara was excited to tell me that she now offers Lipo Cavitation, which is a fat remover option.


Kara says it's a simple procedure that uses ultrasound tools to melt fat, and it's a relaxing slow movement in a designated area for a 30 minute procedure.

Radiofrequency Tightening

Kara says she can also tighten up the skin after you lose that fat.

She offers radiofrequency therapy that uses a laser and, of course, radio frequencies to tighten your skin and give it a smoother look while evening out the fatty tissue.

The procedure is recommended for anyone trying to lose a couple of inches or a couple of pounds without any surgery or pain.

Both services are recommended for people on a weight loss journey, treatment after plastic surgery such as tummy tucks, BBL, and “Mommy Makeovers”.

Exhale Massage Therapy also offers "Yoni Steam"

Ladies only fellas - sorry.

They also offer “Yoni steam”.

It's a vaginal steam that promotes vaginal health using fresh herbs. 🌿

Yoni Steam, Instantly Burn Fat, And Get A Great Massage At Exhale Massage Therapy in Copperas Cove, Texas

To book an appointment log on to exhale4massagetherapy.fullslate.com

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