Every now and then I travel to Dallas.

It actually reminds me of my native Chicago, but with better weather.

I heard Colin Cowherd say that and it was spot on!

I haven't traveled to Dallas since before the pandemic, so I kinda missed it.

I was invited to a Dallas Cowboys game Monday night, so I made the drive up to Arlington.

While driving through the city, I remembered four key things about Dallas that I forgot since I haven't been in almost 2 years.




So here are 4 things you need to have, in my opinion, before taking a drive on some of the highways through Dallas.



When driving in Dallas on their highways (especially the ones downtown like I-20, I-30, I-35 East, I-35 West, Us Highway 77, Highway 67, and I-45, just to name a few) you need a lot of poise. You have to remain the bigger person and not get upset about what you are about to experience. Driving upset can make this experience much worse because in some instances you'll encounter upset drivers who don't understand, what you know already is that the highways are jacked up!


Because you haven't driven this route before, chances are, you are going to drive past your exit.

This will then lead to you "getting off at the next exit, to turn around." 

Please keep in mind the next exit is sometimes 5 to 8 to 10 minutes later depending on which way you are going.

Oh Yeah!

This is key: The GPS doesn't have a clue where you are going!

Once it finds out how to get there, you have to make an emergency 3-4 lane change to get over to the exit.

Now you have to, say it with me now "get off at the next exit and turn around"  



Though you are already required to have auto insurance, just double-check to make sure you are in good standing! Dallas was ranked number one in Texas for speeding fatalities. There is not a coincidence that when listening to the radio while driving through Dallas, you hear tons of car insurance commercials and you see tons of billboards for injury attorneys.


Somebody That Already Lives There

When all else fails.

Just find someone who lives in Dallas and have them drive you around.

It would be safe to assume they know where they are going.

Be safe and be careful out there yall!


There are tons of videos online devoted to Dallas traffic but here's one that I like a lot:



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