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Are you ready to go Apesh**t?

We the plug for tickets to check out 2 of the biggest stars ever!

You see there are concerts, and then there’s this!

Tuesday Night September 11th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington….Live Nation Presents- On The Run 2-Beyonce and Jay Z ...It’s Queen Bey…..and The Greatest Rapper Alive, Jay- Z.., for one historic night in front of thousands and you can be right in that thang with em!

You got 3 chances a day to win! Download the B106 app in your app store, every day we’ll send out a notification with instructions on how to win

2) Trey the Choklit Jok will have a pair for Trey’s trivia at 4:30 and

3) Bosslady will have a pair for the Top 9 at 9…

Keep listening for your chance to win tickets toON THE RUN 2 from B106 Hip Hop and R&B!


Purchase your tickets here or get them at LiveNation.com

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