"9-year-old boy wins first place overall in 10k."

That headline alone is pretty impressive, but it's especially so when he didn't even mean to.

Kade Lovell of Minnesota had entered the ninth annual St. Francis Franny Flyer 5k/10k with the intention of competing in the 5k as reported by DailyNews. While running the course Kade came to the junction where 5k runners go one way and 10k runner the other. The volunteer manning the turn pointed Kade in the wrong direction.

Kade found out of the mistake a little later when he saw the sign reading "10k turn around". Just halfway through the race Kade sped, maybe motivated by what he says he was thinking, "My mom's going to yell at me".

Kade's mom was worried when her son didn't return in his normal time. But was pleased to see him run past the other racers to win it all.

“I go from freaking out, to mad, to excited, to happy for him, an emotional rollercoaster in a 10-minute span.”

-Kade's mom

The 9-year-old has been running competitively since before he was 2 and has even competed in the Junior Olympics.

With a blazing time of 48 minutes and 17 seconds, the potential for Kade is sky-high. Next time he makes the news it'll be for a race he meant to run.

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