New Jersey plumber drives to Texas to help out those who need it.

The aftermath of Weather Storm Uri has left many Texans needing help. From food and water shortages to plumbing repairs, so many good people are just trying to get back to normal after an unprecedented natural disaster that impacted our entire state.

The plumbing repairs alone have left local plumbing crews overwhelmed while residents are trying to find the help they need to get their issues repaired. A New Jersey plumber, Andrew Mitchell, heard about the situation in the Lone Star State and loaded up his wife and son, along with his apprentice, and made the 22-hour drive to Houston.

The truth is that local plumbers can't get to the repairs quick enough, and Andrew decided he would help. He knocked out some jobs he had lined up right away, and then the referrals started coming in.

Mitchell Tells CNN"By the time we got here there was already about four or five jobs lined up from my sister, and we just hit those first and then everything after that has really just been referrals from like the initial customers, like their friends and family."

Mitchell's wife, Kisha Pinnock, is a lawyer, but she's helping out too. "Since we've been here, it has really been nonstop," she told CNN. Her brother, Isaiah Pinnock, also made the trip to lend a helping hand.

Some folks are still waiting to get repairs done and have had to stay with friends or in hotels until someone can come out and fix their broken pipes.

According to The National Law Review, last week's winter storm in projected to be the largest insured loss in Texas history. Hundreds of thousands of claims have been made from homeowners, automobile accident, and property damage-related claims just to name a few. Some estimates say more than $20 billion in claims have or will be made.

Shout out to Mitchell's Plumbing & Heating for coming to Texas to help those who need it. Neighbors will always help neighbors in times like these, even if those neighbors live a day's drive away.

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