Those who work behind the scene in Central Texas schools were surprised with free pizza delivered to them by a local nonprofit group.

Julie Hays with our partners at News 10 reports that milk council Dairy MAX delivered free pies from Pizza Hut to Waco ISD and Temple ISD schools this week.  They wanted to show appreciation to the staff on campus who work behind the scenes making sure no child goes hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The free pizza was first delivered to workers at Dean Highland Elementary

District chef Julia Pennington was on hand for the pizza surprise.

Julia and her crew spent the day working to provide different options to make sure kids get the food they need during this time.  They provide grab and go and curbside service and have been doing so since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak.

When schools closed back in March because of the pandemic, it left a lot of families scrambling to make sure their children were still fed.  That's when Julia and her team stepped up to help.

Pennington says her crew doesn't get much time in the spotlight for the work they do each day and the pizza was much appreciated.  "It means a lot to us," Pennington said.

Dairy MAX is a nonprofit dairy council headquartered in Grand Prairie that represents over 900 dairy families in eight states including, of course, Texas. The organization's VP of school marketing called school nutrition staff frontline heroes for their work ensuring students have access to nutritious meals.

 Even in times of relative calm and normalcy, many children depend on school lunch programs for regular nutrition. Right now, many Central Texas families are hurting financially, so those meals are more important than ever.

Kudos to Dairy MAX and Pizza Hut for honoring the staff who make that happen, and thank you to all the school nutrition workers out there.

You can help local students in need as well during our Stuff the Bus campaign. We're once again trying to fill an entire school bus with supplies essential to academic success. Get the details here, including a link to our Amazon wishlist in case you'd like to help out but are practicing physical distancing.

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