Let me get a large idiot.... no cheese!!

Allegedly this woman complained of an incorrect order at the Pizza Hut at 4803 Trimmier Road in Killeen earlier this week.

So they let her have the wrong pizza free and re-made her order.

She showed up the next day with the old pizza and demanded they remake it again.


Where they do that at???  LOL

When the staff said they couldn't do that, she spazzed TF out!

Sadly, she had a small child with her and another child is there witnessing the whole account.

Clearly one of the Pizza Hut employees behind the counter was insulted and as she so eloquently put it "I have no idea swiping out and whooping somebody's-----" it was an evening filled with lots of emotion lol.....

Check out this extreme ratchetry, and ACTION!:


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