Belton ISD is trying their best to take care of employees who missed work through no fault of their own last week.

In a board of trustees meeting held on Monday, the board voted to pay employees for the five days of closure brought on by the winter weather. 

According to KXXV, the board also voted to submit two waivers, each of which could benefit employees and students. 

The first is a missed school waiver where the district would not have to make up the missed instruction time that was brought on by the winter weather if passed.

The second waiver is to receive credit for instructional minutes for February 12th, which was deemed a virtual learning day. 

The waivers are essential because if TEA doesn't decide to pass them, the school board may adjust the school calendar. 

It's great to see the district doing right by their teachers. Not every Texan has been so lucky.

Our sister station reports that many are having to sacrifice vacation days to make up for days they missed for reasons beyond their control. Mother nature decided to drop ice, snow, and record lows on the entire state, rendering roads impassible and robbing people of power and water, and now some Texans are having to sacrifice their hard-earned time off because of it.

That's just not right.

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