Your mama told you to put on a belt and stop saggin' lmao! Clearly, in this case, listening to her might have helped this guy's cause! A Bryan man who was running from police got caught after his pants fell down!


Keith Calhoun, who had several warrants out for his arrest, was running from Bryan Police Sunday night, when he literally got tripped up! According to KWTX, officers when to Calhoun's home to apprehend him, knowing he has a history of running, so they had an officer in the backyard. When they entered his home, Calhoun ran past police through the front door and headed towards the backyard. He saw the officer and tried to run the other way and that's when saggin' went wrong! His shorts fell to his knees, causing him to fall! He's been charged with evading arrest, and the previous warrant of failing to identify as a fugitive.

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