This has been a debate online for the past few days since the death of Kobe Bryant.

Man, it still hurts and I am still devastated.

Kobe was loved, which is why I am not surprised that CNN reported over 2 million people signed a petition to try to get the NBA to change to the image of the current logo, to an image of Kobe Bryant.

The current NBA logo has been used since 1969 and is the image of basketball legend Jerry West.

While I think the idea was a good one, I don't think it will happen.

How about something more fitting like renaming the Staples Center in Los Angeles after him?

Or naming the NBA All-Star Game MVP trophy after him?

Debatable right?

The creator of the original NBA logo, Alan Siegal told Newsweek that he is "open" to changing the logo.

So I took it to Facebook, (when in doubt always take it to Facebook) here's what people had to say :



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