Get ready for the world's largest indoor waterpark to be located right here in Central Texas in Round Rock!

According to a press release, Kalahari Resorts Round Rock will open later this year. The complex spans across 350 acres.

The new waterpark will have an African Theme and will include 1000 guestrooms including one to three-bedroom suites.

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Kalahari Resorts

It will also include a state of the art convention center, an adventure park spanning more than 80,000 feet with rides, ropes, course climbing walls, zip lines and more!

If on a hot day you want to go outside they have outdoor pools spanning 3 acres.

If you get hungry, don't worry - they have five new restaurants (yes, 5) including a Signature Steakhouse, Italian and Tex-Mex experience restaurant and more.

It also has a spa and a salon with an additional 10,000 ft of retail space.

It will benefit the Round Rock Community and surrounding areas, housing a convention center that will span 220,000 ft with luxury ballrooms, 16 meeting rooms, and a full-service center.

Kalahari Resorts

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