Copperas Cove ISD is set to offer better pay to bus drivers and substitute teachers.

Drivers and Subs Needed

According to KWTX, The Copperas Cove Independent School District School Board unanimously voted to offer better pay for select staff members.

It's no secret that being a school bus driver and or substitute teacher is one of the most underrated jobs. It's a difficult task to come into a classroom full of students and continue to to educate them despite being a guest.

Copperas Cove school district understands the importance of both jobs and realize that these staff members deserve a raise.

Let's Talk Driver Pay

Bus drivers will now receive $18 per hour, which is a $4 increase along with a $250 incentive after working 30 consecutive workdays in a semester for the 2021-2022 school year. All drivers are guaranteed at least 5 hours a day and a free employee only health plan.

In order to qualify for a bus driver position you must possess a Class B CDL, P&S endorsements, and complete a 20-hour Department of Public Safety certification class for which the fee is paid by CCISD. Drivers must also pass a background check, driver record history check, and annual physical.

No Substitute For A Healthy Paycheck

The pay increase for substitute teachers in the Copperas Cove district is mind blowing.

Those who do not have a degree will not earn $105 per day, an increase from the current $75 a day. Those with a degree will now receive $115 per day, up from $100 per day. Those with a college degree are entitled to $130 per day if they are hired as a long term substitute teacher.

The pay increase for Substitute teachers are retro-active to September 13th.

For more details, visit CCISD


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