The 2017 Central Texas State Fair welcomes the Cowboys of Color Rodeo Friday, September 1st!

In the video above Cleo Hearn explains the transformation of the Texas Black Rodeo in the 1950's to the Cowboys of Color Rodeo that tours the nation today.

It was a Rodeo that was meant to educate as it entertains and spotlights a diverse history that is sometimes missed in the history books. Cowboys of Color Rodeo is also a training ground for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association. The Cowboys of Color Rodeo features over 200 cowboys and cowgirls of all color competing for cash prizes.

The Rodeo features bull ridin', bareback bronc bustin', calf ropin', and in between events you'll learn about our collective American Western heritage.

Tickets for the Central Texas State Fair are available online. Don't miss Cowboys of Color September 1st. To see the entire press conference with Cleo Hearn, check out the video below.

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