Police in Lufkin surrounded a house with guns drawn Thursday morning expecting to confront a holed-up burglary suspect. They found an intruder, but she was more scared of them than they were of her.

Video shared on the Lufking Police & Fire Facebook page shows officers entering the home and coming face-to-face with a young doe.

The officers were dispatched to the home Thursday morning after a woman heard glass shattering and hid in her closet. Believing she was being burglarized, she called 911.

When police arrived, the woman told them she'd left her weapon on her kitchen counter, so the suspect might be armed.

Turns out the suspect was hoofed.

The video shows an officer entering the house through a broken window and demanding to see the suspect's hands. (I'm sure she'd have shown them if she had them.) When the officer turns a corner, he spots the poor creature and the wrangle begins.

Police say no one was seriously hurt, though there were some minor cuts from the glass. They were eventually able to help the deer escape through the front door of the house.

Check out the video below. WARNING: an alarm begins sounding 45 seconds into the video, so if you're at work or in a public space you may want to turn your volume down.

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