As those of us who've spent time in Austin know, there is a huge homeless population in the downtown area.

Back in 2019, the Austin City Council decided that citing a person sleeping in a public area was unjust. As recent as October, they've had to revise the rule after receiving criticism.


The Governor so eloquently articulated what we all want to say right?

Basically that nobody wants to walk down the street smelling urine and Sugar Honey Ice Tea.

Governor Abbott's not alone in this line of thinking.

According to KVUE, the group SAVE AUSTIN NOW has obtained 30,000 signatures, 10,000 more than the required to get the ban reinstatement on the ballot for the election in May.

The group believes that the lax ordinances in Austin from the ban have led to threats to public health and safety.

Of course, there are people who oppose this thinking, or at least on the ground trying to help.

Personally, I'm with the Governor on this one.

But while I'm with him on this one, I also ask,  what he is doing to combat homelessness in his state?

You have to solve the problem, not ignore it.

Why not build another homeless facility or better yet help the homeless by providing the necessary resources to get them back into society?

What do you think about this. Whose side are you on? Do you think the State of Texas should act to reinstate the homeless camping ban in Austin, or should city officials be trusted to find a solution to the homelessness problem there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.




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