If you have a job at H-E-B, consider yourself lucky because it's a spot highly sought after.

According to a survey from GlassDoor, H-E-B is on the top 100 list of the best places to work. It's no surprise to Texans though, because H-E-B is our go-to shop for our everyday essentials.

2020 was a heck of a ride, and employees at H-E-B handled all of the pandemic challenges better than most would have expected. H-E-B also made sure to show their gratitude to their essential workers, or partners as they call them, with bonuses along the way.

Last year H-E-B was the top grocer in the nation, even though stores are only located in Texas. This year H-E-B fell to 2nd place, right behind Amazon. Again though, you have to keep in mind that we're in a pandemic and a lot of people have switched to online shopping. I think H-E-B is still doing amazing going up against Amazon like that.

So who took the #1 spot? A business that goes by the name of Bain & Company. A quick Google search reveals that they're a management consulting company to Fortune 500 CEO's. I'm still not completely sure what all that entails, but it sounds like a gig where you'd rub shoulders with a lot of important people.

Check out the full top 100 list by clicking here.

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