Warning this post will have you wanting to purchase a furry friend!
Today was National Dog Day, and furry friend lovers worldwide celebrated their four-legged animals.

If you've ever owned a dog, you know that besides all of the hard work it takes to train one, it's entertaining to welcome one into your home. I've been a dog mommy for almost ten years now, and I am lucky to have my fur babies.

In 2004, when National Dog Day was created, it was established to bring awareness to the number of dogs that needed to be rescued and or adopted. Typically on this day, humane society's and other local animal shelters see an increase in adoptions.

No matter the bred or the age, dogs are known for providing comfort and protection. These four-legged animals can wear many titles like a guard dog, police dog, blind companion, etc.

Dogs are amazing!

Since I am a massive animal lover, it was only right that allowed my social media friends to show off their dogs today. Check out some cool pictures that were shared below.

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