Instances like this touch my heart, especially when the victim is one who has no control over their actions due to circumstances beyond their control.

In a Facebook group titled Guardian ANGEL of the Missing, I saw this flyer posted about a missing man who may be in Killeen.

According to the post, Keith Martin of Houston was last seen September 20, 2020 in Killeen after he was robbed and beaten, and the Killeen Police Department said Keith is suffering from head trauma due to the attack.

"Keith is very confused and living on the streets," the Facebook post reads. "He thinks no one loves him but Keith's father is desperately looking for his son and loves him very much."

We've reached out to the Killeen Police Department for more information and will update this article if they're able to provide us any.

If you see Keith Martin or know his whereabouts, please call the Killeen Police immediately at 254-501-8800.

According to the owner of the Guardian ANGEL of the Missing page, Keith Martin's father in Houston is desperate to find his son and get him home. Any parent or anyone with a heart can understand that feeling. If you spot Keith or have information that might be helpful, please don't hesitate to reach out to Killeen PD.

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