A 70-year-old Pearland, Texas veteran was fired from a Home Depot store after he tried to stop shoplifters! Do you think he should have been fired? Get the details and vote!

Credit: ABC 13

Jim Tinney, who is a veteran of the Army, saw three men trying to steal tool sets last month. He tried to stop the men from running out of the store by throwing a paint roller extension toward one shoplifter's feet, according to ABC 13. The roller didn't stop the shoplifters, who got away. Tinney was fired two weeks later.

Home Depot has a company policy prohibiting employees from stopping or apprehending shoplifters. Stephen Holmes, a spokesman for the company, told ABC 13 that policy is in place for everyone's safety. Even though Tinney was aware of the policy, he told ABC 13, "I think they could have written me up, reprimanded me, but terminate me? That's pretty strong," he said. "I'm 70 years old. I need to work. I needed that job. I enjoyed working with customers figuring out what they wanted to do. It's fun."

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