Time to round up the best posts of Instagram this week! (Bonus, I threw mine in their too!)

via Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus Instagram

Let's start with the two most well adjusted teen celebs on the scene. (read: sarcasm) Left: The Biebs posts a selfie, (shocker!) while getting ready to perform in Boston. Right Miss Miley Cyrus asks for your VMA votes by licking a moon man. Guess she's "just being Miley??" (see what I did there?)


via Rihanna/Justin Timberlake's Instagram

Left: Rihanna gets "caught" mid lick while chilling on a yacht. Right: Coolest post of the week! JT and Jay-Z sign and hide a pair of Nikes in NYC during their Legends of the Summer tour! They've already done this a couple of times! What a fun idea!

Finally, below is a roundup of my instagrams for the week! Check it out!

via Dani's Instagram