Across the country, in every U.S. state, there has been protests against police brutality - even here in Killeen over this past weekend -  in the wake of George Floyd's death.

In some cities, rioting has occurred, causing millions of dollars of damages.

Apparently someone posted a reference to looting the Killeen mall on Facebook that got local authorities concerned.

According to Killeen police and KWTX, they noticed a Facebook post that suggested a riot would take place at the Killeen mall. That is the reason it closed early on Tuesday.

I got a call from a young lady while on the air who told me about the alleged post and that there was going to be a group of people to gather at the mall to meet protesters if they were looking to vandalize.

And so, they gathered!

Almost 75 people were on hand Tuesday night at Killeen Mall to stop anyone who came to unpeacefully vandalize.

And to answer anyone's question if anyone showed up to cause trouble...

Nobody showed up, no stores were damaged, all is well.


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