There is an obvious need to secure our children at school. Killeen ISD made a series of security upgrades. One of those upgrades was building fences around all campuses.

Sounds reasonable, right? I would think so, except those fences do not close or lock.

That's right, fences that do not close or even lock. I've never heard of a homeowner placing a security fence around their property that stays open or unlocked. That almost defeats the purpose of a security fence.

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While understanding and promoting the need for heavier security on campuses, some local homeowners and developers have complained that the fences are an eye sore. The fences make their neighborhoods seem "uninviting" and make the campuses seem more unsafe than what they already may be.

Back in August, Christy Soto of KWTX quoted KISD’s chief communications and marketing officer, Taina Maya: “We want to make sure to monitor the foot traffic that goes in and out of our campus, this will help us make sure the people on campus are the ones that are supposed to be on campus and those not allowed should be outside on the sidewalk".

Lets just hope that none of "those not allowed" notice that those fences are open-entry.

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