Brandon Martin runs a few businesses here in Killeen from Krab Kingz to Kingz Turkee Shack.

He and I are Facebook friends, so yesterday I was shocked to see his post and the video that was on it.

He posted ring footage of a young man who allegedly stole belongings from his car!


According to Martin, motion detectors in his home went off, so he went outside to confront the trespasser.

When he got outside, he held the suspect at gunpoint until the police came and arrested the guy.

Luckily for the young man, Martin didn't come out of his home shooting.

He told me on Facebook: "He was young, plus I have a Family, we own our home, shooting him would possibly create more problems. I actually got a chance to speak with him while he was in the back of the car and told him this was his first and last warning"

This could have turned out much worse. Thankfully nobody got hurt, and may this be a warning to parents to tell your young men to watch when they trespass on another person's property. They are eligible for a bullet!

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