If you are in Killeen a lot you, usually see the Zodiac Foods truck near Ellison High School or across the street from Mango's on Elm's. In fact, I got some chicken wings from this truck about 2 weeks ago!

It makes me sad to report some dummy (or dummies) stole Rosalind Edwards' entire food truck from her driveway.

According to KWTX, Edwards opened up Zodiac Foods last year after she quit her job in October so she could "leave something behind for her children".

She says yesterday someone pulled up to her home on Dustin Court, hitched the food truck to their vehicle, and drove off.

She then got in her vehicle and chased them, only to get cut off by another vehicle.

The suspect's car was found, but the trailer was gone.

She says to whoever has the truck, "Drop off my trailer anywhere and I’ll just come to pick it up. I don’t care. I don’t need your name. I don’t need anything else. We will just chop it up as nothing."

Unless this thief has already painted this food truck, I don't think it will be hard to spot. If you have any information that could help find the trailer, contact the Killeen Police immediately at  254-501-8830.


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