According to our partners at KWTX, there were over 40 people arrested in Killeen between February 28 and 29th.

These individuals were arrested due to an effort by Project Safe Neighborhoods to prevent gun violence. They were aided by funding from from federal and state agencies.

21 arrests were drug-related, eight were for unlawfully carrying a weapon, and four were for felony possession of firearms.

Six other people were just caught up with outstanding warrants.

The arrests occurred in the area of Loma Vista Parkway and Canterbriar Drive in Killeen.

12 guns, 460g of marijuana, almost 5g of meth, and 15g of ecstasy were seized.

Needless to say, if you do any of these drugs, it may be a slight drought out there.


“Special enforcement operations will be conducted over the remainder of this year focusing on narcotics and gang involvement, which are a precursor to gun violence in most occasions," Commander Ronnie Supak said Wednesday.

In other words, more arrests are on the way.

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