The holiday times are amongst us and while we are out shopping this season, we need to be mindful that this is one of the top times of the year for crime.


During holiday times you are always asked to be cautious of your surroundings and an unfortunate situation occurred the day before Thanksgiving that has neighbors in one community in Killeen looking for this thief.

There's A Thief Amongst Us

According to KWTX, the Hall family in Killeen accidentally left their back door open.
The next morning they awakened to their valuables being stolen.
Tiffany Hall told KWTX that someone entered their home while everyone in her family was sound asleep in their beds- the thief then stole valuables from their garage that included cash, a computer, and other valuables:
“He walked through our house, took the keys off the rack, swiped everything he could off the countertop which included some money and the laptop, and left in our car with other belongings from our garage.”
Photo courtesy of Alex Gibbs KWTX
Photo courtesy of Alex Gibbs KWTX

Is This The Same Guy?


Reportedly the Hall house isn’t the only house this criminal has hit as other neighbors have submitted photos that appear to be the same suspect.

She told KWTX:

“We started comparing the tennis shoes and it looks like the shoes are a dead give-away. There were three different videos of him trying to break into people’s cars and their front doors.

Killeen police do not confirm the connection.

What Is Next?


An ongoing investigation is underway, if you have any information please contact Bell County Crimestoppers.



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