Killeen ISD needs your help naming two schools in the area. How creative can you get, Killeen?

According to a news release from Taina Maya, Chief Of Communications and Marketing for the Killeen Independent School District, KISD is seeking input from the community as they plan to name Middle School 15 and rename the former Nolan Middle School.


 Two Schools To Be Renamed 

The Killeen ISD Board of Trustees is accepting nominations for the naming of a new middle school campus and a decommissioned school building.

A new school that will be opened in 2024 will house KISD's third middle school 15 STEM program. It's being constructed just south of Chaparral High School.

Also, the former Nolan Middle School that was decommissioned as a campus in 2020 on Jasper Road will serve as a multi-use facility since closing to students.

According to the release, the facility may be named after a prominent person or public official who has served the district or the community with distinction, or after a person who donated significant property or funded endowed scholarships to the district.

Also, a facility may be named after a street or local, state, or national geographic area if such a name has significance and does not lead to confusion.

Anyone that is interested in submitting a name to be considered for one of these buildings must complete the nomination form.

Hurry and get creative, because nominations will only be accepted until April 22nd.

PICS: Oenaville House in Ruins Was Once Central Texas Rite of Passage

When I was growing up in Troy, the older kids would talk about a creepy old house out in Oenaville. "It's haunted," they'd say, or "the owner was a serial killer who took out his whole family with an axe!"

Eventually, just about every kid would be driven out there by older friends and dared to go into the house. This usually happened around Halloween, but I remember being taken there in mid-summer. My memories from back then may be fuzzy, but you never forget a day spent fighting your way through a mountain of weeds and reeds in the stifling Texas heat.

I didn't believe for a second that the place was haunted, but I was nervous that night. What if there was a gang hiding out in there, or some sort of animal? What if I stepped on a rusty nail, or the house collapsed on me?

When I finally got inside, I wasn't scared - I was in awe. That was the moment I fell in love with old, abandoned structures out in the country.

Sadly, it looks like that old house at the corner of FM 438 and Oenaville Loop is no more than a pile of rubble now.

A colleague and I went back to that old house a few years ago to take some photos and learn a little more about the place, and because I'm feeling nostalgic, I decided to drive by it recently and see if the rumors of its collapse were true. Well, they are. I don't know when it happened, but I drove by recently to see if it was still standing. Unfortunately, it's not.

Before we look at what's left of the place, let's take a look back at what it was like in 2016.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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Check Out These Tornado Pictures From Killeen, Round Rock and Temple, Texas

Texas had a few tornadoes on Monday, March 21. Thankfully there haven't been reports of deaths or major injuries in our area, but there was plenty of damage.

We asked listeners from Central Texas to send us your storm photos, and this is what we've got so far! If you've like to send us more to share with the rest of the community, head to our Facebook page or tap the Chat feature in our free app.

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