Last week I featured Pheno as one of the next 10 rappers to have on your playlist from Killeen.

I have been playing Pheno's records for the past two years, on Bell County Bangas and my barber in Chicago mentioned him to me while getting a cut.

After I told him I have been playing his records for a few years we finally connected!

According to Pheno, he was born in Tennessee, raised in Killeen attended Ellison High School also grew up in Chicago, now living in Austin, Texas Pheno has been around!

He used to mimic songs and rap songs that rappers already had out and as an army kid whose older family members wouldn't let him rap and interact with them, he started a rap career of his own.

Got his own mic and equipment and the rest is history!

He holds a bachelor's degree in audio engineering but doesn't produce his own music.

He says you can't describe his sound, but he makes hustle music -he says his sound is a little bit of everything a touch of Texas, Chicago, and more!


Check out our conversation:



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12 Killeen Rappers You Should Have On Your Playlists

Here is a list of rappers from Killeen, Texas whose music you should have on your playlists.


Here Are More Killeen, Texas Rappers You Need To Have On Your Playlist

As the holidays approach us, I know there is going to be a lot of idle time where people want to listen to their favorite music on their playlists whether working out, driving, cooking, or hanging out at home.
And there are a lot of dope rappers in Killeen. A ton of them actually!
I featured 12 of them a few months back, I am going to give you a few more right now!
Check out the great local artists right here in this area with a few females MCs added to the list, who you may not have heard of that have some really good music.
I asked a few people with a history of music in Killeen from DJs to producers to promoters from the area and from what I've seen on social media and compiled a list of a few of them.
While I know there are probably a few more I missed on this one, I will continue to do this every few months, and don't worry, I will do another list in the new year.
In the meantime, check out these 8 artists, for the second list.


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