Lil Pump makes a big move.

According to a report TMZ published Friday evening (May 24), the 18-year-old Florida rapper has just officially signed on with Smoke Unhappy, a cannabis company that apparently just launched last week. Pump is said to be joining the team as the face of the brand, and he'll reportedly also be looked to as a product tester. The report says he'll also be giving the brand his own creative and marketing input.

This news surfaces just a few days after Pump posted a video of himself smoking while holding up a pump at a gas station. Speaking to TMZ Wednesday night (May 22), Pump said he didn't even know there was anything wrong with doing that.

"We do that on the regular," Pump told TMZ, feigning ignorance to the dangers of smoking near flammable fluids. "I've seen people in my comments like 'What's wrong with you?' and I'm like 'There's something wrong with that?'"

While Pump wouldn't be the first rapper to team up with a cannabis company, he could very well be the youngest. If he is, then he adds another element to his argument that no 18-year-old has ever done what he's done.

The exact details of Pump's purported new deal aren't yet known. XXL has reached out to Pump's team for comment on the matter.

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