About two weeks ago May 28th, I went to the doctor to get my yearly checkup.

Blood pressure was cool.

Everything was copasetic and Metamucil.

Except "one small thing" the doctor said.

"The last time you came in here you were 194 pounds, now you are 222 pounds".

Now being that I'm 6'1, that 222 pounds fit me well, I do have a lil belly pudge but who doesn't??!?!

Then he said the word....

You are slightly "OBESE" 


When I hear that word I think Sumo Wrestler, overweight, and just plain fat.

Offended by his choice of words I had to google that sh--?!

So the definition was something like BMI being 30 or higher blah blah blah yadda yadda.

Keeping my sarcastic insult about his wife to myself in reply to his obese remark, I obliged to his advice on losing weight.

So he told me to lose weight,  I need to get that down to the 195-200 mark.

While I’ve started dieting since last Monday, June 1st (by the way lost 8 pounds already, (see above) by drinking lots of water, no red meat, no fried food, and eating something five times a day) I haven't actually started working out.

The workout begins Monday and I want you to join me!

Basically, I’m attempting to lose 20 pounds in 30 days.

I will give you weekly updates on what I'm doing, my progress, and the foods I am eating.

After that month is over, going to lose 10 more!

No man breasts in the 2-0!!


Stay Tuned!


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