It's been about a week since the body of 4-year-old Maleah Davis was discovered in a garbage bag along Interstate 30 near Fulton, Arkansas. The Houston girl went missing in early May, and while many held out hope that she might be found alive, police suspected early on that might not be the case.

Sunday, Maleah's short life will be honored with a remembrance walk in Downtown Houston. Saturday, mourners gathered in Fulton, AR held a community vigil for Maleah. KHOU-TV and KSLA-TV report that hundreds gathered for a walk and balloon release.

Back on May 4, Maleah's stepfather, Darion Vence, reported Maleah missing. He claimed that two Hispanic men had attacked him on the side of the road and abducted the girl. When blood and signs of human decomposition were discovered in his vehicle, Vence was arrested. Surveillance footage later surfaced of Maleah following Vence into an apartment, after which she was never seen coming out. Vence was filmed carrying a laundry basket from the apartment with a garbage bag inside.


Vence eventually told investigators where Maleah's body might be discovered. He's been charged with tampering with a corpse, but no murder charges have been laid upon him.

Earlier this year, Maleah was reportedly been removed from the home she shared with Vence and her mother, Brittany Bowens, after sustaining a head injury that required several brain surgeries.

The cause of the girl's death remains under investigation. Vence remains in custody, and KHOU reports that authorities have obtained permission to obtain his cell phone records.

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