Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak the way people shop at their respective favorite Texas grocery store has changed in several ways that the rest of the business world is still trying to catch up to. As an essential business, the whole world was depending on grocery stores to continue to provide access to food, and they did an incredible job of serving their clients.

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Additionally, the grocery stores also adapted their entire structure to allow customers to order ahead for pick up, perform self check out to further avoid direct contact with other humans, and with the rise of home delivery options, customers do not even have to visit the stores at all anymore.

What changes are coming to Texas grocery stores?

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Getty Images/Canva

The merger between the grocery super powers Albertsons and Kroger has been in the works since October 2022, and is set to become final on January 17, 2024. As part of their efforts to become compliant with ant-trust laws, and remain competitive with other food stores, a little more than 400 stores are being spun off in order to push the deal through.

This spin off of multiple store locations will directly impact the grocery landscape of Texas as Albertsons 2nd largest state for locations is Texas. According to this article with NBC DFW, none of the 26 stores being sold are Kroger, but instead they will be Albertsons, Tom Thumb, and Market Street locations.

The Attorney General for the State of Washington has filed a lawsuit to block these two largest grocery store chains from merging claiming that it will hurt the consumer.

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